Pizza, Stromboli, & More in Livonia

Delicious Food Selections

At West Fenkell Bakery, we have a variety of tasty options perfect for on the go or special events. Our Stromboli are two-foot sandwiches stuffed with three pounds of meat and cheese then baked to perfection, feeding approximately 10-12 people. Subs are available either individually made to order or as party subs, feeding approximately 9-12 people for a three-foot sub and 18-24 people for a six-foot sub. Next time you have a party, special event, or work function, order one of our delectable Stromboli or party subs to satisfy your guests and help reduce the stress of planning your party.

  • Pizza: Slices, Rolls, U-Bake Pizzas
  • Stromboli: Italian, Chicken, Ham and Cheese, Smoked Turkey and Bacon, Pizza
  • Subs: Italian – eight-inch and 12-inch options
  • Pasties: Filled with beef, onion, potatoes, and carrots

To order stromboli and party subs, call us at (734) 427-9860 at least 24 hours in advance.

Why Us?

  • We Only Use the Freshest Ingredients
  • From Cakes to Breads, We Do It All
  • We’ve Been In Business For Over 90 Years
  • All Our Breads & Delicacies are Free of Added Preservatives